Sat. 8-11-12 Boston

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Sat. 8-11-12 Boston

#1 Post by rockout » Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:49 pm

Mountain Song
Just Because
Caught Stealing
Irresistible Force
Aint No Right
Jane Says- sounds horrible with downtuning. God knows I've seen it live too many times to count, but this was the worst.
Up the Beach
3 Days - Great stage presence by perry during the song.
Splash a Little Water---- Wild, oddly scary performance art where this dude splashes paint on his face and wraps cloth around his head.
Ocean -sounded fucking excellent

Not sure about the order, but those were the songs. Really short show, 1:15. A lot of people were like, WTF that's it?

Old crowd. Even the drunken jackasses were old. Instead of 20 year old fratboys it's now 40 year old dipshits randomly shouting before the show "walk right through the door! wooo! been caught stealing!"