Um, can I ask you guys a question?

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Re: Um, can I ask you guys a question?

Postby nausearockpig » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:13 pm

We just need more controls imposed on us by "the man". For example if all cars had a "thing" in them which rendered certain functions like texting, social media, etc inoperable whilst the driver was driving then hey presto! No more problems. But of course, what if you're the passenger? Well the dining in the car detects where the phone is and allows those not in the drivers seat to have a fully functional phone. What if you have an accident or have pulled over? The functionality of the "thing" allows for these scenarios.

Just kidding, we need to be better people in general or more people need to be taught a lesson. Like if you see someone texting when driving, you're allowed to punch them in the throat. JK. Or am I?
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