What's annoying you today?

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Re: What's annoying you today?

Postby mockbee » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:12 pm

It rained ash for a good two weeks in portland and really all of oregon this summer. Half the Columbia River Gorge burned, 50,000 acres because a kid threw a firecracker off a cliff. You could hardly see down the road and everything was a dark grey/orange color with the sun blotted out. The worst was not being able to get a decent breath of air. I cant imsgine living in Beijing. Aweful aweful.

I think the world is calling it quits for the humans....puts an asshole in charge to speed things along.
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Re: What's annoying you today?

Postby Pandemonium » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:09 pm

kv wrote:There was a very bad fire in the 90's in the Laguna Hills...that burnt down a lot of homes...me being stupid took it as the perfect time to drive behind closed road blocks so I could "experience" it....needless to say the last 20 years I haven't tried such a stunt again..(I can still vividly remember too much of it today...felt like driving around inside an erupting volcano) the ash from that blew to my house some 50 miles away...wildfire sunsets are amazingly beautiful and tragic...when I got within 10 miles of that fire it looked like a snowstorm and smelled like burning couches...and it just got worse the closer I got.

Yeah, I remember that one vividly. This was about a week before Halloween 1993, I was taking night classes at Platt Graphic Arts College a mile or two south of John Wayne airport and about 5 miles north of the fire. I'd been hearing about the fire growing all afternoon but it wasn't until early evening at class when it became apparent it was becoming a serious threat locally. They let us out early and walking to my car I took this photo as the fire was becoming visible over the hills threatening UC Irvine....


Another one that was pretty bad was the November 2008 Santa Ana Canyon fire which dumped a lot of smoke and ash over a week-plus period here. This is a photo I took from near my home on an overpass at the 405 freeway....


Bad as it can get, it's infinitely worse in Northern California right now. My oldest friend lives just south of Santa Rose in Rohnert Park and I understand they now have a major fire only about 5 miles East moving directly towards that city.
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Re: What's annoying you today?

Postby MYXYLPLYX » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:29 pm

A good buddy since elementary school barely escaped with his wife and two kids... here's an aerial of his neighborhood:

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Re: What's annoying you today?

Postby Larry B. » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:10 am

Quite a few mental things happening on my father's side of the family; people needing relatively urgent psychological and psychiatric assistance, who fight each other relatively frequently. Whenever I try to help, they magically reconcile and talk about how much of a "better man" I think I am, and who I think I am to believe that I have the superiority of "helping them", because they're the ones really helping each other. How dare I do that. "You don't even visit anymore" (they forgot to mention the fact that they basically barred me from visiting them). How dare I say to X that she's not helping Y! (I never did :conf: )

The good thing, at least, is that the can of worms if finally opening. But the fake world some people are living in, it's amazing.
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